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Verakari is the world's leading Bitcoin Mining Container manufacturer and Bitcoin hosting provider in the US. With the indsutries top professionals and track record, we can build any size operation. Contact us to learn more!

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We are an elite team of mining professionals with a coveted track record of successfully constructing and operating some of the largest mining operations in the world. Verakari specializes in locating, building and operating state of the art data centers. Masters in both vertical and mobile deployments, our datacenter designs are trusted by several well known public cryptocurrency companies that have deployed our designs in currently operating mines of various sizes ranging from 5 megawatts to over 100 megawatts.


Who we are

We are a team of industry leaders in the crypto space. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, including leaders from Google, Facebook, and Fidelity National. With cutting edge execution and technology, we are in the forefront of the crypto space.


Who Verakari is

Verakari is a Pennsylvania based American company built on American family values specializing in the Bitcoin mining industry since 2011. Having built the second oldest cryptocurrency mine in the USA, our specialized knowledge of what it takes to build and operate a successful mine is unmatched. Collectively, the company team has over 50 years of cryptocurrency industry experience with more than 12 vertical deployments, 15 modular mines constructed, and hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment successfully deployed at the highest quality standards using the best materials and latest engineering technology.


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